Take time to rest.

This is a gentle reminder to check in with yourself today: what kind of rest do you need?

How can you honour your needs and set aside productivity to allow yourself to be refreshed this weekend?

Some of my favourite ways to intentionally rest are:

  • Going for a nature walk or day hike
  • Camping
  • Getting coffee with a friend
  • Baking and listening to music
  • Sleeping in, journalling
  • Playing guitar and singing

You get the idea! Do something that isn’t work, and give yourself space to process what’s on your mind/dream/create!

Take time to rest, to take deep breaths, give yourself space. 

God’s got you. No need to hustle all the time. Let go of worry and replace it with worship! You are secure in the hands of a loving Father. 

Psalm 127:2 – “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.”

God doesn’t want us to spend all our time working. Both work and rest are equally necessary for us to live fulfilled lives in Him.

As entrepreneurs, I find we can easily get caught up in the lie that we always have to be productive. We have so many things we want to accomplish, so it’s easy to be tempted to constantly work on the next project.

I’ve been recognizing that struggle within myself, and intentionally taking time off of my own work. I would never let another job consume so much of my life, but it’s easy for me to reason away why I should use all my free time to work because it’s exciting and fun for me.

But when I let my business use up all my time, I get tired, stressed, and I lose inspiration. I’ve learned it’s essential for me to intentionally step away regularly, so that when I return, I’m refreshed and have new ideas!

calming forest image

Entrepreneurship, when done without the help of others, can be really lonely and tiring. Running ideas past others, and finding people to be creative together with, is so important! Troubling issues, and big dreams can both seem too daunting when you keep them to yourself.

So today, I encourage you to rest, and to invite others into your process. It’s so worth it! People want to get excited about what you’re creating with you!

  1. Christian says:

    I was just deciding whether to start editing the project I just finished filming. I took a step outside, laid in my hammock, and found this post. Great idea – sometimes it’s more fruitful to not produce.

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